Who does your hand belong to?

Hold your hand in front of your face for a moment. I have a question for you.

Who does that hand belong to?

You will no doubt answer, “My self”

Now another question.

What is a “self” and how do we know it when we see it.

Animals, as blessed as they are and a blessing to us, do not have the ability to stand apart from their physical bodies and say that is “my self”. They just don’t.

Even if you would like to think differently, animals don’t ponder where they will go to the bathroom. They don’t worry about their “selves”.

The fact that we humans can look at our “selves” sets us apart from the animals we come to love.

To see my “self” as something that exists in real time is a gift from God meant to distinguish us from the animals. If you have never read Genesis 1, I dare you to read it and send a comment.

The ability to observe one’s self is a reflection of the “mind and soul” of God. I am doing some work on the relationship between science and God. As far as I understand at this point in time, this thing we call creation is part of, as some scientists would put it, an infinite mind that stands apart from, yet is the origination of, this creation we see and live in. I would call this “infinite mind” God. Creation is because God is. Creation is not God but were it not for God, there would be no creation.

This ability to stand apart from and be part of, is an attribute we share with God.

It is to be made in the image of God.

“I” hurt. “I” am sad. “I” am hungry. “I” am spiritual. The very fact that I can use the word “I” and know what it means, that it refers to me and my existence, is God-like.

There is a price for this gift.

See you next week.

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