Where Am I Headed In My Life

A large part of the question, “Who Am I?” is “Where Am I Headed?” To be alive means to move towards something. It is the question, “What Directs My Life?” Put another way, it is the question “Who or What Do I Serve?” What you serve may be your own self-interest, or your loved ones, or an ideal. It may be connected to what God you worship. Because, when you serve, you make a choice to put that object in front of you to follow. You say in essence, “I choose to be guided by that which I choose to serve.” To serve means to put your needs secondary. That’s the hard part. But when you do that, you find something which we all desperately seek: a sense of meaning to who we are and what we do.
It is very hard to say and mean it, “I am who I am, and that is all there is to it. There is nothing in life more important than me. I choose to serve my self” I will say this, and please leave a comment if you wish, serving self will leave you as empty as you can be because it is not something outside of your self towards which you have to move. When we follow, we find the way forward.
I choose to serve Christ by making my self available to him and ultimately to God. Choosing to live as Christ lived makes sense to me. Modal my life on his. To make one’s self available to the God revealed in the life of Jesus Christ is to find a purpose and meaning that makes life bearable.

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