What really feeds your ego?

If I asked you what feeds your ego, what would you tell me? There are many, many, ways to answer that question. I have asked it many times in teachings and seminars over the years and have heard many different answers. It is the question how do you know who you are; how do you want people to know who you are; what do you want to see yourself as? It is the question “Who am I” or “Who do I want you think I am”?

It is a much deeper question. What gods are you making for yourself and then bowing down to? After all, it is easier to worship gods of your own creation that are easier to see than the real God of creation. Even if you do not believe in God, you believe in something., As we have said before in this blog, within every person there is a hunger deep down in the human soul (that part of us that is who we really are!) that wants to (or maybe needs to!) “connect” with something higher than ourselves and our own experience. It’s just the way it is. That hunger shows up in many ways.

The problem is when we make our own easier-to-see gods and bow down to them; we ease the real God out of our lives. I do it all the time. The god of cash, or prestige, or esteem, or success, or power — there are many more — are easier to see. It makes us feel special when we worship these gods. Some higher connect that helps us decide how to live and act. Some higher connect that says “YOU ARE OK.”

The real God of creation is a God who wants in to your life — wants to connect with you — regardless of where you are in your God Search. I may reach out to my self-made gods but my self-made gods do not reach out to me. That’s why you can give all yourself away until there is little left and get no inspiration or strength in return. Ultimately the gods we make are dead gods.

The real God of Creation continues to reach out to us — knocking at our soul-door if you will — no matter where we may be in our lives or how many false gods we claim we worship.


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