EGO: easing God out

One thing we all learn at some point in our lives is that we think we know what’s really important; what really matters, what works and makes us happy. We think we know what gives life the meaning we seek. It is part of our human nature. Being made like God does not mean we are God but that we share in characteristics that we see in God. One thing we humans can do really well is stand aside for a moment from ourselves and our immediate lives and look at them and ask if this is what we want; are we ok? In a sense we make our own lives. It is not a long leap before we believe we are in control of our own lives. In a sense we create our own self-made gods. We begin to make idols of things that we believe will help us in our lives; make us better people and more successful. We make ourselves accountable to these Gods that we make. You know some of them. They vary for each of us. Think about it.  What are those center points in your life to which you look to find direction, make decisions, get that sense of self?

What happens is that over time we ease God out of our lives by these self-made gods we bow down to; that we give power over lives.

Sigmund Freud invented the word EGO to label that part of us, the “I” — that part of us that has the ability to stand apart from ourselves and self-identify (make ourselves into our own image) “This is who I want you to see I am.”

EGO is in the Bible. In the story of Moses and the burning bush in Genesis God speaks to Moses from the burning bush. Moses asks “Who are you?” and the voice responds “EGO aimi.” Don’t worry about the Hebrew. Just know that translated it means “I AM”. Who are you, God?” “I AM”  EGO

But I cannot help but note that the three letters E-G-O are the first letters of the words Ease God Out.


When I create my own gods, the more I work at making myself my own god, the more I ease the real God out of my life. Maybe, just maybe, when I ask “Where is God/ Is there a God?” maybe it is because some god of my making has eased God out. It is a very short step to saying “I don’t need God any more. I have all the gods I need. I am done with God. There is no God and who cares any way.”

My question is: Does that really work for you in the long run? Where is your god when the bright lights you shine on yourself for all to see go out? What then? When meaning is hard to find, do our self-made gods really work? Honestly!

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