Does Pride really work for you?

Does Pride really work for you?

I, like you, have heard it said a lot that being proud, standing tall, accepting no push back is the way to find success.

Pride is the platform we create to give our lives substance, purpose, and, hopefully, meaning. “I am” becomes my saving grace.

But pride does not keep us from doing something that hurts others one way or another. It may be obvious like making a gesture of the hand to someone who criticizes or calls us out on something. It may be less obvious like a thought that enters our minds when someone gets in our way or cuts us off. There are even those times when we doubt our own pride-filled sense of ourselves. We screw up and have to live with it. We let a darkness within us show. We say something that undermines our sense of pride. Actually, if all you base your sense of self on is pride, you will have bad stumbling points along the way.

The quest of the human soul, that deep down part of us, is a quest for connect to something “higher” than ourselves and our basic existence. While many will not use the word for many reasons, I have no problem in saying the human soul is hungry to connect with a living God. I am not talking here about church stuff. That is not my goal of this blog. I am talking about that part of us that longs for something to make sense of it all. “Let me find myself in you, O my God.” I believe God desires the best for every person. God is not a judge. God desires a relationship with every person just like we desire a relationship with  a “higher power” – call it what you like.

Jesus was God’s way of entering our world. Why? Was it maybe because the God who was the real person of Jesus wanted to reveal that we, you and me, mean something to God.

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