A Blind Person Asked “Help me to see”

An interesting question put to Jesus one day. A blind person asked Jesus to help him see. “Help me see. Please,” he asked.

It may appear to you only as if was asking for his physical sight to be restored. Jesus’s miracles of healing, while important, are not the whole story. Physical issues affect us all throughout our lives. Some we bring on ourselves. Some are inflicted upon us by others. Some are random with no purpose or meaning to anyone at all. “So the question then becomes, “Please heal me.”

People have down through time dealt with the nature of Jesus. “How could he do the things he did:” “Who is this person who does things only God can do?” That’s the whole point of the miracles. He did because he was!

But maybe the question “Help me see” is about the question “Help me see where you are in my life, O God. Are you there? Is there a God at all and does that God care to be part of our lives? “Help me see, O God.”

It is a physical world we live in. Stuff. Objects. Things. Rules. Observation. Logic. Order. Think. React. And, yes, we are physical beings. No getting away from that.

But we are also deeper than that— more than just physical entities. There is more to us than physical arms and legs and brain. There is an inner reality which is the place where God chooses to enter our lives. But we must make room for God’s presence. We have to intend to meet the God of our lives in our lives. God wants in whether or not we walk towards the encounter God wants with us and we want with God. We can choose to walk away from the encounter God wants with us.  It is looking into that darkness, that wondering, that “what if” that seemingly empty space that we ask, “Help me to see” “Help me to see God’s presence in our physical and personal lives.”

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