Coronavirus Eucharist

Social distance, where we are careful to not get too close physically, is seen by many as a way to get through this time.

For this reason, many congregations have decided to close for a few weeks.

Here is a thought on how Communion can be shared. Thinking outside the box.

Have a shortened service of Communion at the regular time Sunday morning. For many people, taking Holy Communion at the altar gives them strength to meet the days to come. Without it they are at a loss.

This will probably be a much smaller liturgy but it will do an incredible service to many people.

For those who do not attend because of their felt need for social distance, but want Communion because it means so much to them, let it be known through an email that Communion will be available in the afternoon in the parking lot. Have people drive through, administer Holy Communion with the prayer found on page 397, and the Gospel. Read it for each car that comes by. Conclude with the Lord’s Prayer. You might want to do two lanes if you can. Maybe you could hand out the Gospel to be read at home.

I believe this would help people who enjoy being connected to the Church through the Eucharist to still be part of the Body of Christ even though they feel that they need to stay distant to stay well.

Just a thought. Let me know what you think.