A long time ago a man named Isaiah

A long time ago a man named Isaiah was doing his thing. No more religious than anyone else, it is recorded that the One called God spoke to him and planted upon his heart a calling to speak to his fellow human beings about the ways of this One called God. He said originally. “Heck no. I am a person of unclean lips” — meaning “get someone else.” “No,” said the one called God. “I want you, Isaiah.” He thought about it, wrestled with it and finally said, “Ok Here I am, send me.”

This could be you or me. How do you know the one called God will never place an urgency on your heart, something you know you have to do for reasons you may not know.

No, you may not know how it will turn out or exactly what will happen. While that is not an easy place to be, what helps is to say “Here I am,” and then do what you have to trusting in the One called God who called you to walk it through with you, no matter what.
The hardest part about all of this is that you never know for sure how things will turn out as you go forward. While we like to think we have everything under control, we know better. What has helped me along the way is what I call “Holy Openness”. While I May not know for sure where things are headed in my journey, I continue to trust in God. Yes there is always an unknowness to a choice to follow God’s call, but trust allows me to continue on not knowing for sure. It is, to use on often used expression, to be able to see in the dark. I like that.

I hear it often said

I hear it often said that faith is all about guilt so what is the point? Many people choose not to enjoy faith for this reason. But they are I think missing a point. As I understand it, God came to earth first in Jesus and then the Holy Spirit. God in the human heart. Here’s the issue. What is so bad about asking myself hard questions about what I really believe — about God and God’s desire to dwell in my heart? What Gods do I really seek to find meaning and connect and do those gods really work?  Am I receptive or not?  This is not guilt but grace. More later. Stay connected.