Why this longing inside of me?

This blog is about grace: what it is. How it works, what it says about who God is and how God acts today, it’s transformative powers, and how we make a path for it in our lives. I am convinced that within every person there is a searching, a seeking, a wondering (hence the name of this blog).
This searching aspect of being human rises to the surface when someone you know or loves dies. I see this searching, this questing all the time in the eyes of people at services designed to celebrate the life of the particular person. It is the awareness that each of us is unique and that there is this desire to connect with something higher than our meager selves that lives deep within us that will be the subject of our reflections.
Who am I? Who are you? Why are we here? Where is God in all this? Is there indeed a God at all? Yes there is. Call it what you want, but this questing deep down often causes us to fashion our own Gods— Gods of our liking, and then worship them — connect with them in the hope that meaning can be found.
Are you there, God? That’s the question. That’s the questing.
Next week we begin a conversation on how we make our own Gods.
Stay tuned.

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