The God of Freedom

There is nothing positive about shame. Yet we do it all the time; shaming people into doing something. It’s an issue of control.

Some believe the God who entered our realm of experience in the person of Jesus is a God of shame. You can often hear this from those called “Christians”.  So the next statement is always, “I am very sorry but I cannot, I will not, worship a God who controls by shaming and guilt, NO!”

Me neither. In fact I will go a step further and tell you I believe it is the nature of love to let people be free to choose their own destiny, make their own lives happier, decide what is best for them or not. And, yes, because of this freedom, things happen. But it is not because God caused them. In fact, I hold it true that while God is still all powerful, God chooses not to exert it but instead backs off letting us be. That is the way of love. If God did not back off such that everything happens because God causes it than I would have to say God is not just or fair which I believe God is.

Freedom is the prerogative of a God who chooses to let his creation be.


Next week: what happens to me when I die.

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