It’s the community that counts.

If you have ever felt a sense of “lost-ness” in your life, don’t panic. It happens to all of us. Sometimes the platform we build for ourselves to stand on — the “I” I like to think I am — doesn’t work. So we in a sense “fall”.

It is then we need community. A community is a group of people pledged to support one another. “I’ll be there for you because I know you will be there for me.” If that does not happen — if we all just live for ourselves alone — you will not have nor need community. And you will have no support when those quiet weak moments come and we feel very alone.

I belong to a faith community; people whose faith — that “connect” with God that means so much — is shared and who are there for each other. Sometimes I have my doubts about my faith. I think too much, or I want concrete signs that don’t come. Or I want proof that the God I put my faith in is real. These doubts are perfectly normal.

But here is the cool part. When those doubts come I gain strength knowing while I have my doubts for the moment, YOU DON’T! Your faith supports mine. Your faith in God shines while mine does not. So I let my faith be supported by yours. That’s how a community of faith works.

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