If God said it was “good”, how can I call another person “bad”?

In the creation story, as the story goes, the Creator said seven times “It is good,” referring to that which the Creator created.

Some people think Creation is God, that Creation reveals the nature and reality of God. While a beautiful sunset or a jumping dolphin can reveal the beauty of Creation, it must be noted that Creation is not God but the creation of a God who then steps back from it and calls it “good.” It is as if to look at a painting I painted and to say “wow, it is good.” That painting may reveal I exist, but that painting is not me.

It is the same thing with creation. God created it and then stepped back to say “it is good.” So, if creation is good, who am I or you to call it bad? Things may not go my way. I may have some things not work out right even when I try to live morally. Tragedy does happen. But that does not deny the goodness of Creation. Whenever I say in my heart that someone is not good — do I not close my eyes to what God said?

Whatever makes people do evil does not deny the fact that they are, like you and me, created good. Often what makes people do evil are the actions of someone else. I am not sure we can just say, “so and so is just born an evil person” for whatever reason we choose.

Ponder this then: Whenever you feel rising within you the urge to denigrate another human being for whatever reason may seem important to you, step back a moment and remember what God said about Creation.

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