Hope is about not being empty or lost.


The God of Hope is not a God of guilt. So much is lost when it comes to the power of faith in the God revealed by Jesus if all we hear is guilt and punishment. I have had enough of it.

It is very hard to find a meaningful “connect” with a God many people believe is all about guilt. It gets tiring and is really boring.

And not the case.

The God of Hope is the God Jesus revealed. Yes he said to many “get your act together” but not to produce guilt but hope.

Hope is not about the status quo but transformation. Hope is not about what’s wrong but about what’s right. Hope is about the opportunity to “get our act together” because what IS right now is not all there is.

And to know — really know — that we are never alone – in spite of ourselves — means there is always a “pick me up” when we need it. The God of Presence, revealed by Jesus to many people who thought their lives were abandoned, does not abandon us when we do something stupid.

Hope is about movement, a process; about something deep within us that makes a difference in our lives. Hope is about a God who desires relationship with us , not our condemnation. That is what the Resurrection (to use a big word, sorry) is all about. God With Us.  Now.

Hope is not about some pre planned future but about the guaranteed presence of God right here, right now. Hope is about potential. Hope is about the reality that what is right now is not all there is.

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