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Music and the Human Soul

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m beginning to see very clearly there is another aspect of being human then just what’s around me. I think one becomes aware at some point in their lives, if only for a moment, that behind this thing we call reality there is a Presence. I think we all sense it. I think it is universal. I sense this as the presence of God in and through the Holy Spirit, which is God’s abiding presence in every human soul. It is what separates us from the animals. It is what we are referencing when we say “I see”.

What I would like to share with you all and hear what you have to say is this:

What are your thoughts about how music helps us to enter this realm of spiritual Presence?

Why is it that music of any kind, seems to get inside of us — behind the usual guards we put up to stay cool?

Where can I turn to look at this?

Who do I need to go talk with?

What do I need to read?

What do need to watch on the Internet?

Who do I need to talk to about these things because I really feel this is a greatly beneficial gift of God to the reality in which we live?

Coronavirus Eucharist

Social distance, where we are careful to not get too close physically, is seen by many as a way to get through this time.

For this reason, many congregations have decided to close for a few weeks.

Here is a thought on how Communion can be shared. Thinking outside the box.

Have a shortened service of Communion at the regular time Sunday morning. For many people, taking Holy Communion at the altar gives them strength to meet the days to come. Without it they are at a loss.

This will probably be a much smaller liturgy but it will do an incredible service to many people.

For those who do not attend because of their felt need for social distance, but want Communion because it means so much to them, let it be known through an email that Communion will be available in the afternoon in the parking lot. Have people drive through, administer Holy Communion with the prayer found on page 397, and the Gospel. Read it for each car that comes by. Conclude with the Lord’s Prayer. You might want to do two lanes if you can. Maybe you could hand out the Gospel to be read at home.

I believe this would help people who enjoy being connected to the Church through the Eucharist to still be part of the Body of Christ even though they feel that they need to stay distant to stay well.

Just a thought. Let me know what you think.


Let’s talk about hope for a minute

You know — there is a real longing inside. Sometimes we’re not sure what it is we long for. But there is a hunger that we all know exists deep down. So sometimes I wonder whether this is the part of us that seeks hope in life. Hope is the answer because sometimes we’re not sure what we’re hungry for. Hope is the food which feeds our deep hunger.  What is hope?

One time somebody said to me hope is like waiting for a train at the station. You know as well as I that we wait for something we know is coming even though it’s not here yet. You don’t wait for nothing. Maybe hope is the ability to hold fast to the awareness that that for which I wait, that for which I’m hungry deep down, will be fed.

I think it’s really true that all of us, if we stop and think about it, have a longing inside. We may call it all sorts of different things, but I think there is something within us that understands that where we are right now, whether good or bad is not all there is. Hope is the ability to see and KNOW that where I am now is not all there is. There is more to come, there is more out there, then what I experience right here right now.

Hope is faith in what is not seen. Yes, the ability to wait for the train knowing that it’s coming and even though I’m lonely right now that’s not the end of the story. There is more out there that maybe I cannot see now but it’s true, nonetheless.

It is that for which I wait. It is that which gives me life in it’s deepest form.

If God said it was “good”, how can I call another person “bad”?

In the creation story, as the story goes, the Creator said seven times “It is good,” referring to that which the Creator created.

Some people think Creation is God, that Creation reveals the nature and reality of God. While a beautiful sunset or a jumping dolphin can reveal the beauty of Creation, it must be noted that Creation is not God but the creation of a God who then steps back from it and calls it “good.” It is as if to look at a painting I painted and to say “wow, it is good.” That painting may reveal I exist, but that painting is not me.

It is the same thing with creation. God created it and then stepped back to say “it is good.” So, if creation is good, who am I or you to call it bad? Things may not go my way. I may have some things not work out right even when I try to live morally. Tragedy does happen. But that does not deny the goodness of Creation. Whenever I say in my heart that someone is not good — do I not close my eyes to what God said?

Whatever makes people do evil does not deny the fact that they are, like you and me, created good. Often what makes people do evil are the actions of someone else. I am not sure we can just say, “so and so is just born an evil person” for whatever reason we choose.

Ponder this then: Whenever you feel rising within you the urge to denigrate another human being for whatever reason may seem important to you, step back a moment and remember what God said about Creation.

A Challenge


I seek your input. The whole purpose of this blog is to share the core of faith in Jesus Christ that can give our lives a sense of what I call “connect” which as I have shared is where deep lasting meaning to one’s personal life can be found. And to do it in a way that communicates truths rather than dogma. There is way too much authority and dogma that gets in the way of the profound truths of personal faith.

I fully realize the language I use and the way I structure these thoughts may not work with everyone. That is why I now ask for your feedback.

I would love to get an open dialogue going online; where we can discuss and share and respond. Where we can place our own seekings and get a hearing.

So, please, share not who you are but where you are when it comes to connecting with a higher anchor.  Share about where you find meaning in life and what works or does not to you. Or about God or Gods. Each person’s view is important and will be treated as such. Put some questions or comments out there.

There is a lot more to come. On death. On dieing. On Resurrection. On Grace. On Forgiveness. On prayer. On mindfulness. To name a few.


Thanks for your connect.



A question for you worth considering.

Deep within each person is a space uniquely you. It is who you are — that person that looks out the physical eyes to see what is going on; that speaks through the tongue to let others know who you are; that goes forward looking for something to hang on to — to give that life within each of us a sense of meaning.

This inner real you is not the focus of commercialism. It is not the focus of political systems. It is no one’s business but yours.

But it needs to be fed. You see, it is this inner reality that can see ourselves alive in the world; that sets each person apart from the materialistic reactivity of the animal existence. We are physical, but we are human as well. And being human means being a living soul in the real world.

How you feed your inner spirituality as I call it is up to you. Many people fill the inner hunger by, if I may say it, making their own gods to bow down to. Whatever you may cll it,  it is a God we seek, believe me or not. So we bow down before the gods of our own making, easier to see and therefore more gratifying. Do you do this?

Ask yourself what is it that you think people need to see about you? What is it you would like people to know about you? Because that will be the god or gods you worship.

Do these gods work for you? Do they give you what you hunger for?

I have worked hard in my life to be settled with who I am. It has not been easy. Each one of us lives differently. We do not do everything the same way. For me, those self-made gods were a deep trap. An empty hole.

So I worked even harder to connect with the God I had come to know in prayer. And now I can tell you.

Thank God I did.

More to come.

What really feeds your ego?

If I asked you what feeds your ego, what would you tell me? There are many, many, ways to answer that question. I have asked it many times in teachings and seminars over the years and have heard many different answers. It is the question how do you know who you are; how do you want people to know who you are; what do you want to see yourself as? It is the question “Who am I” or “Who do I want you think I am”?

It is a much deeper question. What gods are you making for yourself and then bowing down to? After all, it is easier to worship gods of your own creation that are easier to see than the real God of creation. Even if you do not believe in God, you believe in something., As we have said before in this blog, within every person there is a hunger deep down in the human soul (that part of us that is who we really are!) that wants to (or maybe needs to!) “connect” with something higher than ourselves and our own experience. It’s just the way it is. That hunger shows up in many ways.

The problem is when we make our own easier-to-see gods and bow down to them; we ease the real God out of our lives. I do it all the time. The god of cash, or prestige, or esteem, or success, or power — there are many more — are easier to see. It makes us feel special when we worship these gods. Some higher connect that helps us decide how to live and act. Some higher connect that says “YOU ARE OK.”

The real God of creation is a God who wants in to your life — wants to connect with you — regardless of where you are in your God Search. I may reach out to my self-made gods but my self-made gods do not reach out to me. That’s why you can give all yourself away until there is little left and get no inspiration or strength in return. Ultimately the gods we make are dead gods.

The real God of Creation continues to reach out to us — knocking at our soul-door if you will — no matter where we may be in our lives or how many false gods we claim we worship.


Your life, too, can be changed!

Mary, the mother of Jesus went to the tomb where her son Jesus was laid after he died on the cross. She was sad (who would not be!); her heart downcast over the loss of her child. “I’ll go to his tomb and be there with him. He’s gone now. I will never see him again.”

She gets to the tomb and sees the stone rolled away. She runs and tells her comrades he was taken out of the tomb and no one knew where he was. They run to see for themselves. One of the disciples looked in and sure enough, Jesus was not there. They had no clue at this time as to what had happened. They return home.

Mary, however, stays. “I am in no hurry. I just want to be here with him for a brief moment. She bends down to look in. Curiosity, after ALL, gets all of us at one time or another. He is not there.

She stands back up. Sensing someone there, she turns around. It was a gardener.

Now get this. It was Jesus, but she did not recognize him.  So. The body of Jesus after rising from the dead was not the same as before. It had been changed. Transformed. Same Jesus but a different body. Ok. He asks Mary, “Why are you so sad. Who are you looking for?” Mary says, “Just tell me where you have laid him and I will take him away for you.

And then it happened. Jesus says her name. “Mary.” She turns to him. Now she knows him. How?

Could it be that the one who rose from the dead called her by name?

Relationship reestablished.

Connect reconnected.

“It is me, Mary. I have risen from the dead just as I said I would.” Calling out her name changed her as well. In a way her whole world was turned upside down when the relationship she had with Jesus was reestablished after he died. Incredible. The Jesus who rose from the dead reconnected with her. The life-after-death Jesus called by name the one left behind grieving. Everything was changed now.

“Mary, it’s me. I reach out to you”

“I see you Lord.”

She runs to tell her friends. “I have seen the Lord. He is risen.”

This changes all of us.

More coming.



A long time ago a man named Isaiah

A long time ago a man named Isaiah was doing his thing. No more religious than anyone else, it is recorded that the One called God spoke to him and planted upon his heart a calling to speak to his fellow human beings about the ways of this One called God. He said originally. “Heck no. I am a person of unclean lips” — meaning “get someone else.” “No,” said the one called God. “I want you, Isaiah.” He thought about it, wrestled with it and finally said, “Ok Here I am, send me.”

This could be you or me. How do you know the one called God will never place an urgency on your heart, something you know you have to do for reasons you may not know.

No, you may not know how it will turn out or exactly what will happen. While that is not an easy place to be, what helps is to say “Here I am,” and then do what you have to trusting in the One called God who called you to walk it through with you, no matter what.
The hardest part about all of this is that you never know for sure how things will turn out as you go forward. While we like to think we have everything under control, we know better. What has helped me along the way is what I call “Holy Openness”. While I May not know for sure where things are headed in my journey, I continue to trust in God. Yes there is always an unknowness to a choice to follow God’s call, but trust allows me to continue on not knowing for sure. It is, to use on often used expression, to be able to see in the dark. I like that.