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Music and the Human Soul

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m beginning to see very clearly there is another aspect of being human then just what’s around me. I think one becomes aware at some point in their lives, if only for a moment, that behind this thing we call reality there is a Presence. I think we all sense it. I think it is universal. I sense this as the presence of God in and through the Holy Spirit, which is God’s abiding presence in every human soul. It is what separates us from the animals. It is what we are referencing when we say “I see”.

What I would like to share with you all and hear what you have to say is this:

What are your thoughts about how music helps us to enter this realm of spiritual Presence?

Why is it that music of any kind, seems to get inside of us — behind the usual guards we put up to stay cool?

Where can I turn to look at this?

Who do I need to go talk with?

What do I need to read?

What do need to watch on the Internet?

Who do I need to talk to about these things because I really feel this is a greatly beneficial gift of God to the reality in which we live?

Coronavirus Eucharist

Social distance, where we are careful to not get too close physically, is seen by many as a way to get through this time.

For this reason, many congregations have decided to close for a few weeks.

Here is a thought on how Communion can be shared. Thinking outside the box.

Have a shortened service of Communion at the regular time Sunday morning. For many people, taking Holy Communion at the altar gives them strength to meet the days to come. Without it they are at a loss.

This will probably be a much smaller liturgy but it will do an incredible service to many people.

For those who do not attend because of their felt need for social distance, but want Communion because it means so much to them, let it be known through an email that Communion will be available in the afternoon in the parking lot. Have people drive through, administer Holy Communion with the prayer found on page 397, and the Gospel. Read it for each car that comes by. Conclude with the Lord’s Prayer. You might want to do two lanes if you can. Maybe you could hand out the Gospel to be read at home.

I believe this would help people who enjoy being connected to the Church through the Eucharist to still be part of the Body of Christ even though they feel that they need to stay distant to stay well.

Just a thought. Let me know what you think.


Let’s talk about hope for a minute

You know — there is a real longing inside. Sometimes we’re not sure what it is we long for. But there is a hunger that we all know exists deep down. So sometimes I wonder whether this is the part of us that seeks hope in life. Hope is the answer because sometimes we’re not sure what we’re hungry for. Hope is the food which feeds our deep hunger.  What is hope?

One time somebody said to me hope is like waiting for a train at the station. You know as well as I that we wait for something we know is coming even though it’s not here yet. You don’t wait for nothing. Maybe hope is the ability to hold fast to the awareness that that for which I wait, that for which I’m hungry deep down, will be fed.

I think it’s really true that all of us, if we stop and think about it, have a longing inside. We may call it all sorts of different things, but I think there is something within us that understands that where we are right now, whether good or bad is not all there is. Hope is the ability to see and KNOW that where I am now is not all there is. There is more to come, there is more out there, then what I experience right here right now.

Hope is faith in what is not seen. Yes, the ability to wait for the train knowing that it’s coming and even though I’m lonely right now that’s not the end of the story. There is more out there that maybe I cannot see now but it’s true, nonetheless.

It is that for which I wait. It is that which gives me life in it’s deepest form.

prayer is not a “Let me tell you what I need for you to do, God.”

It has been noted that prayer is not a “Let me tell you what I need for you to do, God.”

No. Prayer is relationship. Prayer is relationship where you listen as well as speak. It’s called sharing. You don’t have to be religious to enter into a relationship with God through prayer. When we “say a prayer” we are really saying “May you and I draw close together. Speak and I will listen. Knock and I will open the door of my heart and let you in.” It is my experience that God honors that desire for relationship because it is what God wants too. I am convinced of that.

Now, here is something for you. The prayer called the Lord’s Prayer starts out calling God “Father.”

“Our Father” Since Jesus taught this prayer, He is reminding us that God is His Father and ours. So that makes Jesus our brother. Well that’s cool. But, so what.  Again, it goes back to relationship. While many of us have grown up without a father or have had a bad relationship with our father, the point still remains: God is like a good father. Keep in mind, God is not a person so the reference only goes so far. We do not know God or where God is. Truthfully, God is neither male nor female. Jesus is talking about relationship.

A good father cares. A good father does not dictate. A good father is there for you. A good father goes for a walk with you. A good father will hug you. Yes, these are my words, but I think they speak.

The point still remains. God, whom we cannot see is like an ideal parent. Jesus could have said “Our Mother who is in heaven.” You see, the point still remains. Approach God as someone who cares, who is not aloof or unapproachable. Within reason, if you have a better image of someone whom you can approach, who wants to enter relationship with you, go ahead and use that person’s name. We need to move away from gender. God is not made in our image. We are made in God’s image.

And the place called heaven. Sorry folks, but heaven is not “up there.” The Hubble telescope proves that. Wherever God is, God is. It is from wherever God is that God approaches us. We know that because in the person of Jesus, God lived in our space, experienced what we experience, completely and wholly as one of us.


Prayer is relationship rather than request

Prayer is relationship rather than request

One thing I have spoken of over and over in my blogs is that God is real even though we do not have the capacity to know God as we might know another person; that this real God seeks relationship with us who seek a relationship with God. Recall that within every human being there is a hole deep down in our souls searching to connect with this God we know exists. Relationship between wherever God is and wherever you and I may be is universal. It just takes different forms in each person.

Prayer is crucial to this relationship. Many think prayer is something only religious people do predominantly in Church. NO! For many people, prayer is asking God to do something for us; telling God what we need and what we want God to do. It could be to keep us safe, keep us well, may we have enough to live nicely, be happy and secure. While it is certainly OK to express where we are in our life to God who wants to know, you will miss something about prayer if you just leave it there.

Prayer is about relationship. About opening and being open. About being quiet in your head and just listening with the heart rather than the head. It is about entering the deepest relationship of your life and one that will walk with you no matter what happens to you. But like any relationship, you have to work at it.

In your personal relationships you have friends. What makes a friendship happen is relationship and relationships happen when we spend time together and talk. Relationships happen because there is an opening up of ourselves to another. We listen and are listened to. I call it “connect.” “Connect” happens when two people put out their empty hearts and hold each other.

That is what happens in prayer. We are held by the God we want to hold. It is all about approaching one another because there is a desire and the door is open.

Stay tuned for more.

Personal Emptiness

One of the great Christian Mystics spoke something that blows my mind every time I think about it.He said that each person is created by God piece by piece; like putting together a puzzle. In a way, upon self-reflection it does seem like as persons we have many “pieces” which, when they all work together, make for a good time.

He went on to say this which is what blows my mind: Yes, God put the pieces of the puzzle called you together but God kept one piece so that we will forever seek to find it. Call it the “God piece”.

As a result, there is a deep hole inside all of us and God holds the piece which we know we lack. I have personally come to the conclusion that the search for God, the missing piece, to fill the hole inside, is universal. It does not matter what God you worship or whether you believe at all — but within each of us there is an emptiness.

We try to fill it in all sorts of ways. We try to answer the deep human search to be whole — to “connect” with God by making, to fill the hole, by making our own gods (small “g”). You know who the gods are that you have created; that are easier to see and thereby connect with. We all do it. It is because of this piece we desperately seek. We make our own gods and worship them. Or we act in such a way that we hint to others “please tell me how great I am. Then I will have arrived. No more hole inside. Search over.”

There are times I wish this were personally true.

Ever been lost?

Before we can get what GRACE is all about, we must explore some things first.

Have you ever wandered off course?

 I used to skipper sail boats when I was young. It is so easy to know where you are supposed to go — to be headed in the “right direction” — but over time, unknown to you, you begin to wander off the course you had set. This happens because I lose my attention to what I know I must do. To “wander off” means to know what’s what and where you need to go, but you don’t do it. Then all of a sudden you wake up to the reality you are not where you want to be. But here is the point. While you wander away from the course, there is really nothing that speaks to you and says “Whoa. You are wandering off course.”

OK. As humans with the ability to step aside and look at ourselves and where we are, we often say, “that is what I must be” or “That is what I need to make me happy.” or “that is the path I must follow.”  These change from time to time as we experience life. But what happens is that we wander towards those things as if we belong to them; as if they rule our lives.

We wander away from the path toward the God we hunger relationship with towards those gods we make that are easier to see and therefore make us feel good and proud. We bow before them, if you will. Because they work. Or so we think. Before you know it, that deep down hunger seems to disappear. Seems! To disappear.

No. It has just gone underground. We ease God out of our lives bit by bit; self-made god by self-made god. Before you know it, we have wandered far from the path we know we need to be on.

It is very easy to get very lost.

Are you?

Really? Be nice. Keep God happy. Get a place in heaven.

Let me begin with a question. Do we do nice things to each other just because? The answer is: Of Course!

What about people we don’t like? Or we know do not like us? What about people who mouth off about our life style, or attitudes, or values? What about forgiveness? How do we do that?

First of all, consider this. I know for a fact (because I have heard it said many times) that the reason many people do nice and good things is because it makes them feel good. I have also heard it said, –more than once—that a lot of people do nice things because it pleases God. The underlying assumption here is that we need to earn heaven by what we do — if that were even possible.

Here’s a thought. We don’t have to make or keep God happy. Don’t worry about earning heaven.

You may think me crazy (you would not be the first) but my faith tells me that when the God we cannot know joined us in our realm of experience as a real human being amongst real human beings, it was to bring heaven to earth right now. It is so easy to see God as judgmental and demanding, whose favor we have to win rather than the God who chose to leave wherever it is that God lives and come into our existence for the sole reason of connecting with us where we are. In the person of Jesus (according to the faith I adhere to) God was no longer limited to wherever God hides — that we have to wait until we die to enter. No, in the person of Jesus heaven and earth are united once and for all. In the person of Jesus God makes it clear that God wants in to where we are right now. You don’t have to wait until a later date.

Now here is the point. We do not deserve heaven. We cannot earn it either. Yet we have access to it right now. What a nice thing God chose to do for us. There is no way we deserve that presence even though it is what we seek. In Jesus God opened God’s arms and said “Enter relationship with me,” “I am with you,” “NOW”

So. Maybe we do “nice” things for others because God did them to us.

As if to say on the personal level, “God has given me heaven now by God’s presence with me in my experience.” “So I will be present to you, now, in your experience, whether I like you or not. I do to you what God has done to me.”

Stay tuned. We will take a look at forgiveness in two weeks.

Check back.

If God said it was “good”, how can I call another person “bad”?

In the creation story, as the story goes, the Creator said seven times “It is good,” referring to that which the Creator created.

Some people think Creation is God, that Creation reveals the nature and reality of God. While a beautiful sunset or a jumping dolphin can reveal the beauty of Creation, it must be noted that Creation is not God but the creation of a God who then steps back from it and calls it “good.” It is as if to look at a painting I painted and to say “wow, it is good.” That painting may reveal I exist, but that painting is not me.

It is the same thing with creation. God created it and then stepped back to say “it is good.” So, if creation is good, who am I or you to call it bad? Things may not go my way. I may have some things not work out right even when I try to live morally. Tragedy does happen. But that does not deny the goodness of Creation. Whenever I say in my heart that someone is not good — do I not close my eyes to what God said?

Whatever makes people do evil does not deny the fact that they are, like you and me, created good. Often what makes people do evil are the actions of someone else. I am not sure we can just say, “so and so is just born an evil person” for whatever reason we choose.

Ponder this then: Whenever you feel rising within you the urge to denigrate another human being for whatever reason may seem important to you, step back a moment and remember what God said about Creation.

Are you really who you like to think you are

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to learn where your limits are. Put another way, there comes those times when you learn who you really are and are not.

Each one of us likes to believe we can do whatever we want when we put our minds to it — that there are no limits when we apply ourselves.

I cannot go there anymore. My faith does not let me. Why? Because no one is equipped to be whatever they want to be or do whatever they want to do. This is because each person has certain gifts, talents, proclivities to do this but not that. The truth is to live with yourself in an open, honest and accepting way so that you can learn what those gifts are.

But here is the rub. It’s a common problem. Very often we get this notion that we need to be this or that. We get this notion mainly from the culture we live in: “X trait is better than y because I will shine more, it will set me apart from other people. If I am viewed is a certain way of my choosing, all will be well and good.”  Yes you will be satisfied if what you think you should be to succeed is really who you are. If not, you may be happy, successful, and maybe even famous. But you will also be very empty.

Sometimes the “who” God made us to be — and yes I mean it that way — is not the “who” we think should be. When I was called by God to enter the Priesthood in the Episcopal Church it was totally contrary to what I thought I wanted to be. Above and beyond that, I was petrified of public speaking. What was I to do.

Only one thing I could do. If I was going to be that which God created me to be, I would have to trust God’s grace to do it and not give into the fears I was letting define my life. And that is what I did.