A question for you worth considering.

Deep within each person is a space uniquely you. It is who you are — that person that looks out the physical eyes to see what is going on; that speaks through the tongue to let others know who you are; that goes forward looking for something to hang on to — to give that life within each of us a sense of meaning.

This inner real you is not the focus of commercialism. It is not the focus of political systems. It is no one’s business but yours.

But it needs to be fed. You see, it is this inner reality that can see ourselves alive in the world; that sets each person apart from the materialistic reactivity of the animal existence. We are physical, but we are human as well. And being human means being a living soul in the real world.

How you feed your inner spirituality as I call it is up to you. Many people fill the inner hunger by, if I may say it, making their own gods to bow down to. Whatever you may cll it,  it is a God we seek, believe me or not. So we bow down before the gods of our own making, easier to see and therefore more gratifying. Do you do this?

Ask yourself what is it that you think people need to see about you? What is it you would like people to know about you? Because that will be the god or gods you worship.

Do these gods work for you? Do they give you what you hunger for?

I have worked hard in my life to be settled with who I am. It has not been easy. Each one of us lives differently. We do not do everything the same way. For me, those self-made gods were a deep trap. An empty hole.

So I worked even harder to connect with the God I had come to know in prayer. And now I can tell you.

Thank God I did.

More to come.

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