Let’s talk about hope for a minute

You know — there is a real longing inside. Sometimes we’re not sure what it is we long for. But there is a hunger that we all know exists deep down. So sometimes I wonder whether this is the part of us that seeks hope in life. Hope is the answer because sometimes we’re not sure what we’re hungry for. Hope is the food which feeds our deep hunger.  What is hope?

One time somebody said to me hope is like waiting for a train at the station. You know as well as I that we wait for something we know is coming even though it’s not here yet. You don’t wait for nothing. Maybe hope is the ability to hold fast to the awareness that that for which I wait, that for which I’m hungry deep down, will be fed.

I think it’s really true that all of us, if we stop and think about it, have a longing inside. We may call it all sorts of different things, but I think there is something within us that understands that where we are right now, whether good or bad is not all there is. Hope is the ability to see and KNOW that where I am now is not all there is. There is more to come, there is more out there, then what I experience right here right now.

Hope is faith in what is not seen. Yes, the ability to wait for the train knowing that it’s coming and even though I’m lonely right now that’s not the end of the story. There is more out there that maybe I cannot see now but it’s true, nonetheless.

It is that for which I wait. It is that which gives me life in it’s deepest form.